The Next Generation Of Exotic Cannabis Hemp Seeds

Feminized Exotic Hemp Cannabis Seeds

Our Mission: Next Gen Genetics has dedicated several years to finding and pheno hunting some of the best CBD hemp genetics in the world. After growing out several phenos of each varietal for over a year we then hand select one and clone that mom several times. Then we breed that pheno with one feminized female to produce our feminized exotic hemp seeds. Our exotic hemp seeds are not like other breeders for this reason. Some breeders cheat to get millions of seeds, they breed several moms of one varietal instead of taking the time to clone that one elite mom pheno. Beware when you hear breeders say they have millions of seeds. They are not from the same mom and may even have several dads in the mix to get enough pollen. Real breeding is one dad with one mom to get very tight phenos in a batch of feminized hemp seeds. At Next Gen Genetics we breed for the best  exotic feminized hemp seeds possible and minimize the possibilities of pheno variations by using this breeding method. Next Gen Genetics breeds for quality and not quantity, as a result we have a very limited supply of each strain. If you see a strain you would really like to grow don't delay, order your feminized exotic hemp seeds  today. 

Feminized Exotic Cannabis Hemp Seeds